What is it?

The ENSI Qualifying Training Program is a free, self-paced, online program of study that was designed to qualify professionals, who have not completed any formal training in educational or psychological testing, to use the Educational Needs Screening Inventory in their work with students-in-need.

Program Goals:

The goals of the program are:
  1. to provide all of the information you will need to administer the ENSI, and report its results competently, and
  2. to ensure that you have mastered the information provided.


The program typically requires about 10 hours of study, and can be completed at your leisure. The final component requires successfully completing an online, open book, mutiple-choice examination with a score of at least 90%.


Individuals who successfully complete the final examination will:
  • receive an official certificate of completion, stating they are a “Qualified ENSI User”, and
  • gain immediate access to the Educational Needs Screening Inventory.


Following are the components that comprise the ENSI Qualifying Training program.
Part 1. This section provides specific information about the ENSI and its development.
Part 2. This section provides information regarding testing basics, and  details how these basics apply to the ENSI.
Part 3. These videos show you how to use all of the ENSI’s features.
Part 4. This section provides written, step-by-step instructions for using each of the ENSI’s functions.
Part 5. This is the final section of the Training Program. It is an “open book”, multiple-choice exam. All of the correct answers will be found in steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 (above). A score of 90% is the minimum required to pass the test and become a Qualified ENSI User.
Immediately after you submit your ENSI QualifyingTest answers for scoring, the score you achieved will be displayed and, if your score is 90% or higher, you will be informed how to:
a) immediately activate your ENSI account, and
b) claim your Qualified ENSI User Certificate.

Getting Started:

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