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In-Service Training

Clinician  |  Supervisor  |  Supervisee

Free, in-service training programs, addressing all levels of ENSI users, are available for schools, clinics, departments and organizations wishing to use the ENSI.

The SingleUser in-service is a general user’s guide for the ENSI. It is designed for Trial Users and clinicians working in a “solo” practice. It provides all of the information necessary to use the major features and functions of the ENSI.

The MultiUser in-service is designed for clinic managers and supervisors. It extends upon the Single-User in-service to detail features of the ENSI that support the management of supervisees.

The SubUser in-service is designed for supervisees. It highlights features of the ENSI that support supervised use of the ENSI.

Clinician  |  Supervisor  |  Supervisee